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neko in bowling green, ohio, last weekend - we've got a lady pilot; she's not afraid to die [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Neko Case

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neko in bowling green, ohio, last weekend [Nov. 15th, 2009|10:29 pm]
Neko Case


i meant to post about going to see neko case in concert last weekend, being as i went to see her last weekend, but, i just didn't, so nevermind about that. i've seen her twice before - once solo and once with the 'new pornographers' - and i think i can safely say that if you even kinda like her, its worth it to see her live. the voice is fabulous.

its so hysterical that she came to BG - the little college town of about 30,000 people and not many other towns nearby. it was fun to look up her website and see chicago, new york, and....us. plus the fact that the venue was just down the block. literally. i took this pic from my bedroom window:

this was also the only time i've ever been in the very front row of a non-seating concert - as in squished up against the stage like a sardine. the only bad part is that one really can't move for hours. this proved exciting at first, but kind of bad during the middle of the opening act, whose name i don't remember for obvious reasons below but i can tell you she was really fun and had a coffee-shop feist kind of feel and was from canada.

see, i was recovering from a yucky cold, and had been taking mucinex-d for a couple days. and i have to take a daily preventative for migraines. plus i decided to take one of my prescription muscle relaxers since i felt a tiny migraine coming on and i didn't feel like chancing things pre-concert. and i hadn't eaten much. and the air circulation wasn't great at the venue. and i had already been standing for a few hours - and the muscle relaxer kicked in and - as it always does - made me dehydrated. and, as it does when i don't eat enough, messed around with my blood sugar and made me nauseaus (sp?).

you can see where this is heading. i was stupid. and, suddenly, i felt really lightheaded. and the only other time i felt like this, i fainted. and i realized that if i didn't get my ass out of the front of this sardine-packed venue and SIT DOWN, i was going to go down without a say in the matter. i ended up scaring the crap out of the boyfriend and somehow pushing myself through a small sea of people to the side to find a really nice bouncer help me over to the "roped off area." he let me sit and collect myself in the vip section and helped me get some sugary sodas in me. i was really surprised that he responded immediately to my "i swear this is medical" plea.

after about 20 minutes (and a bunch of texts to my people down front reassuring them they were not to give up our spot), i went back just in time to cover up the space between opening act and neko. the only other funny thing is that these two girls - who were directly in back of my people - wouldn't let me back to them. i understand that there are many assholes who just want to cram up front at the last second, but i wasn't one of them. neko hadn't gone on yet so it wasn't loud or dark and i was trying to explain to them that i had a medical issue and tried to leave and they were weren't having it and my people couldn't see me. then people next to them pulled me through and it was fine. except the girls saw what happened and i was telling the truth and they were mortified and apologized. "we're drunk," they said. "and we're twins!" and, you know what? they were twins, they were indeed.

and then the concert started and all was right with the world. it's possible that, at some point, i may have yelled out, "thanks for coming to bowling green! you rock our socks!" and then neko's trusty sidekick - i think her name is kelly - said back something like, "we're good at the rocking of the socks." ooh - and she played "if you knew," which i hadn't heard yet and is one of my personal fav's.

here are a couple neko pics taken with my crappy phone, plus one of the owl set...


[User Picture]From: vovat
2009-11-16 10:22 pm (UTC)
So, did she play the song "Bowling Green"? (Yeah, I know that's about Bowling Green in Kentucky, but it still would have worked. I've never heard of her playing that song live, though.)
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