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Neko in Portland, June 6 - we've got a lady pilot; she's not afraid to die [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Neko Case

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Neko in Portland, June 6 [Jun. 7th, 2009|02:23 am]
Neko Case


I went to see Neko Case at the Crystal Ballroom earlier tonight. I hit a little snag before we went in, though, since there were ABSOLUTELY NO CAMERAS ALLOWED AT ALL RARR WE WILL SEARCH BAGS and I'd brought my camera (it wasn't the venue's policy, it was Neko's--I was at Spoon there in March and I was clicking away and nobody cared), and I took the bus to the venue, so I didn't have anyplace to stash it. Taking out the batteries wasn't enough, there could be no cameras in the building at all (I'm surprised they didn't confiscate my camera phone...) Fortunately, there was a really nice twenty- or early thirty-something couple next to me who agreed to let me stash my camera in their car until after the show. Doubly fortunately, none of us forgot about it afterwards. So luckily I was still able to get inside. (And yes, I do realise that I entrusted complete strangers with my property. However, I'd had my ticket since March, and although Neko is my second-favorite musical artist it was the first time I'd seen her live, so that was pretty much the only option I had, as I was NOT going to miss the show if I could help it.)

I was going to sit up in the balcony, since I didn't have my camera with me anymore anyway, but the only seat that was available was behind a pole-type thing which blocked my view, and there was a chandelier in the way as well, so I told the girl seated near me that "whoever wants this seat can have it" and went back downstairs. The crowd near the stage was still pretty sparse, so I got a space in about the third row.

The opening act--I forget his name--didn't really do anything for me. The girl next to me seemed to enjoy him, though, I heard her mention that she thought he sounded like Jeff Buckley. (For the record, I love love love Jeff Buckley and I didn't hear it--then again, I was wearing foam earplugs) He played five or six songs, much to the appreciation of the requisite I AM HERE FOR THE OPENING BAND guy, and then took off, since he'd said he had a show at a different venue later.

There was a break of about half an hour, then Neko and her band came on stage amid near-deafening cheering (I, stupidly, had taken my earplugs out...). I've never been one to scream my lungs out at concerts, no matter how much I love a band/artist (it embarrasses me to no end), so I only clapped. She did a quick intro and started the set with "Maybe Sparrow" from Fox Confessor Brings The Flood, followed by "People Got A Lotta Nerve" from Middle Cyclone, accompanied by a beautifully-animated video on the screen behind her, which I'm hoping is somewhere on YouTube, because I loved it to pieces and want to watch it again. (Edit: Found it! THIS YAY)

Unfortunately I didn't write down (or even Twitter) the setlist, so the rest of these aren't in order:

From Middle Cyclone:

This Tornado Loves You
Polar Nettles
Magpie To The Morning
I'm An Animal
Prison Girls
Don't Forget Me (I think. EDIT: Okay, yeah, I'm listening to it right now and she did play this.)
The Pharaohs
EDIT: Vengeance Is Sleeping (just listened to it and realised she played this one)
EDIT again: Middle Cyclone
EDIT a third time: Fever (listening to Middle Cyclone right now and I keep thinking "oh wait, she played that one too")
EDIT hopefully for the last time: Red Tide (okay, now I think I got all of them)

From Fox Confessor Brings The Flood

Margaret Vs. Pauline
Hold On, Hold On
That Teenage Feeling (I'm almost positive)

From Blacklisted

Deep Red Bells
Lady Pilot
I Wish I Was The Moon

From The Tigers Have Spoken

The Tigers Have Spoken (I cried a little during this one. The lyrics just tear at me)
Favorite (awwww, yeah)

She also played "Knock Loud", which I hadn't heard anywhere but the ACL DVD.. I do wish she'd played stuff from Furnace Room Lullaby, though.

Between songs there was banter between Neko and Kelly Hogan, which was pretty funny; Neko also made up a little impromptu song about Portland, unfortunately the only line I can remember of it is "Thank you for buying me a Coke out of the lobby machine, Portland"; and before one of the songs (gaaah, I forget which one) she said that it was about "moving to Seattle, and then five million assholes move there and complain that it rains", which made me lol. There was a lot more banter, but if I don't write things down I tend to forget them, so I can't remember any more specifics, sorry!

By the time the show ended (there was one encore) my feet were killing me, but fortunately I'd bought a bottled water at the venue so I wasn't dying of thirst like I usually am (I don't know why I always forget to buy something to drink. You'd think I'd learn my lesson...)

EDIT: Ooh! I forgot to mention I bought a tote bag as well (shirts were a little expensive, and I'd been wanting a Neko tote bag anyway).

[User Picture]From: halloween
2009-06-09 05:36 am (UTC)
Or maybe there are lots of DPers in here? ahahah...
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