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we've got a lady pilot; she's not afraid to die

( we've almost finished reeling in the sky )

Neko Case
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LADYPILOT: the very first Neko Case livejournal community

This is a fan community for the multi-talented singer/songwriter/femme-fatale and all-purpose alt-country goddess Neko Case.

This is an easygoing relaxed community by fans for fans, so I'm not going to talk your ear off with a bunch of redundant rules. Feel free to post tour dates, upcoming album news, lyrics, fan-art and whatever Neko-related gossip your little hearts desire. Just put large images under a cut because people like to bitch about that sort of thing, and keep the discussion centered around Neko and her various involvements. Otherwise, the field is open and go hog wild, kids.

Neko Links

. Neko on Bloodshot . Neko on Mint . Porchlight forum . Neko lyrics .

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